28 сент. 2016 г.

Nowelle® protects Kaliningrad Stadium for FIFA World Cup 2018

Vibro-proof materials Nowelle® are used in the construction of the Kaliningrad Stadium for FIFA World Cup Championship 2018. The constructions is carried by Crocus International, one of the biggest Russian development companies.
Kaliningrad Stadium construction began on the Oktyabrsky Island in 2015. It is due for completion in November, 2017. Declared capacity – 35, 000 seats. NTC «Rezina», the creator of Vibro-proof materials Nowelle®, carried out the delivery of vibro-proof materials to the construction site according to the agreement with PCF Steelcon.
Roof collapse of the Moscow waterpark Transvaal resulting in numerous victims in 2004 gave rise to concerns of Russian project designers – vibration safety became priority in case of thin-shell concrete constructions providing that their length greatly exceeds thickness. 
Even though cause of roof crash has not yet been determined, respected experts expressed confidence that damages were caused by vibration.
Thin-shell constructions combined with football fans' excitement may  pose a timely danger  for stadiums safety – they can be crashed due to the produced vibration.
Vibro-proof materials Nowelle® - a new generation of  Russian vibro-proof elastomers. The product line is being constantly enriched and advanced. It is worth mentioning that Kaliningrad Stadium is not the first FIFA World Cup 2018 site where vibro-proof materials Nowelle® are used. Vibro-proof materials Nowelle® will provide vibration isolation at Luzhniki Olympic Complex, that is being currently rebuilt, and at the Otkritie Arena in Moscow.

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