13 мая 2016 г.

Nowelle® - Vibro-proof materials in Khiagda Uranium Mine

NTC Rezina supplied the project carried in the #Khiagdinskoe ore field by a Production company #Teploenergospecmontazh (located in a city Ulan-Ude)   with a vibro-proof material of own design Nowelle®. Production company Teploenergospecmontazh has been operating in energy and construction industry of the Republic of #Buryatia (capital city – #Ulan-Ude) since 1993. Vibro-proof material #Nowelle® is used under the footing of turbogenerator used in the uranium deposit.
The technology used in  Nowelle® originated half a century ago – starting point was unique know-how developments of acoustic systems used in Soviet Union submarines. Since then, scientific and technologic progress have been greatly developed, that gave rise to current development of Nowelle®. Composite elastomer allows to solve totality of problems that negative impact of vibration causes; the life-cycle of Nowelle® is not less than 50 years. 

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