27 апр. 2016 г.

Nowelle® for FIFA World Cup Championship 2018

Vibro-proof materials Nowelle®
Vibro-proof materials Nowelle® are used in the construction carried by PCF Steelcon of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex that are being rebuilt for FIFA World Cup Championship 2018.
#Nowelle® - a new generation of  Russian vibro-proof elastomers.
Nowelle® technology originated around half a century ago – starting point was unique know-how developments of acoustic systems used in Soviet submarines. Since then, scientific and technologic progress have been greatly developed, that gave rise to current development of Nowelle®.
Composite elastomers that damp vibrations are produced from up-to-date innovative materials and progressive polymeric compositions.
Rebuilding of the #Luzhniki Olympic Complex is done with the accordance to guidelines developed by #FIFA. Assemblers and design engineers are facing challenges: expansion of capacity and comfort.  Building expenses for the reconstruction of such big complexes as the Luzhniki Olympic Complex are comparable or even extend the costs of the construction of a completely new arena. Developments of NTC Rezina help to meet these challenges. Anti-virating pads Nowelle® mod.1.10 is used as a vibrodamping fillers in vibro-isolation concrete structures of stadium stands of the Olympic Complex.

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