23 янв. 2016 г.

Nowelle vibro-proof materials in eco-project Kola MMC

NTC Rezina won a tender for the supply vibro-proof materials Nowelle mod. 1.20 to the Kola MMC. These vibrodamping materials will be used for the purposes of insulting vibration in frameworks of the equipment during the realization of environmental project of utilization of salt nickel refining discharge.
Join Stock Company Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company (Kola MMC JSC), a branch of OJSC MMC NorNickel, is a leading production complex that was merged on smelters Severonickel and Pechenganickel. Kola MMC produces copper-nickel ore. 
Ecological safety is an essential condition for execution strategy of Kola MMC productive capacity development. Kola MMC is currently carrying out an environmental project – utilization of salt nickel refining discharge – in order to reduce salt concentration in the discharge water. 
The main environmental concern is saline effluents from  the cell plant where electrolysis of nickel with salts of sulphate, sodium chloride and boron hydroxide (the most concern) is produced. The project aim is to reduce saline effluents and to comply with environmental regulations.
GEA Messo (Switzerland) was chosen to recover soline effluents. The company is one of the world leaders in this field, that allows to solve the whole problem with minimum operating costs. The project report provides for constructing a saline effluents evaporation system that will provide the plant with always in demand materials, such as: sodium sulphate; sodium chloride that may be used for production of chlorine and caustic soda; service hot water, etc.
Elastomeric anti-vibrating material NowelleTM mod. 1.20 is one of the products of the line of vibrodamping materials engineered by specialists of Russian company NTC Rezina. The material is used in the equipment frameworks used during nickel electrowinning  from chlorine solutions. Elastomeric anti-vibrating pads NowelleTM mod. 1.20 is used to negative impact of vibration in engineering machinery, ventilation system, motor transport, in the construction, etc.

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